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Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic....

  • Half of Americans (48%) say they don't get enough sleep, but less than half of them take any action to help them get better sleep. 
  • More women feel that they are not getting enough sleep (53%) than men (44%).
  • Adults 35 to 54 years old feel more sleep deprived (52%) than other adults. 

Gluten-free | Animal-free | Yeast-free

All-Natural Ingredients


A natural compound used to quiet the brain for sleep.


An herb that works well with Lemon Balm to help relax the body and stimulate natural production of GABA.


An amino acid that helps the body feel relaxed.

Ashwaganda Root

An herb used to help the body sleep and lower stress hormones.

Lemon Balm

An herb that promotes relaxation and has sedative properties to help prepare the body for sleep.


An herb that helps reduce feelings of stress without making you drowsy.

What Our Customers Think...

I'm a very satisfied BioActive Nutrients customer and recently I have been experiencing problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep. I am very excited to recommend this product to others that may be experiencing intermittent sleeping difficulties.

~ Kathy F.

I haven't been sleeping well because I have been under a lot of stress. The Zzz's did the trick! Thank you BioActive!

~ Van O.

I’ve struggled with occasional sleeplessness for years and had been using Tylenol PM to get to sleep. I hated to take pain medication I didn’t need, but couldn’t find anything else that worked as well – until I found Zzz’s. Just one capsule helps me fall asleep faster and sleep all night. And best of all, I wake up feeling refreshed with none of the grogginess of other sleep aids. 

~ Andrea N.

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